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Shinobi CCTV

Simple CCTV and NCR Solution

Shinobi is Open Source, written in Node.js, and real easy to use. It is the future of CCTV and NVR for developers and end-users alike. It is catered to by professionals and most importantly by the one who created it.

6.jpgKey Aspects

For an updated list of features visit the official website.

Time-lapse Viewer (Watch a hours worth of footage in a few minutes)
2-Factor Authentication
Defeats stream limit imposed by browsers
With Base64 (Stream Type) and JPEG Mode (Option)
Records IP Cameras and Local Cameras
Streams by WebSocket, HLS (includes audio), and MJPEG
Save to WebM and MP4
Can save Audio
Push Events - When a video is finished it will appear in the dashboard without a refresh
Region Motion Detection (Similar to ZoneMinder Zone Detection)
Represented by a Motion Guage on each monitor
"No Motion" Notifications
1 Process for Each Camera to do both, Recording and Streaming
Timeline for viewing Motion Events and Videos
Sub-Accounts with permissions
Monitor Viewing
Monitor Editing
Video Deleting
Separate API keys for sub account
Cron Filters can be set based on master account
Stream Analyzer built-in (FFprobe GUI)
Monitor Groups
Can snapshot images from stream directly
Lower Bandwith Mode (JPEG Mode)
Snapshot (cgi-bin) must be enabled in Monitor Settings
Control Cameras from Interface
Get videos
Get monitors
Change monitor modes : Disabled, Watch, Record
Embedding streams
Dashboard Framework made with Google Material Design Lite, jQuery, and Bootstrap

QPKG Integration :

for admin panel use on URL /super

"Default Superuser :"
"Default Password : admin"

config.json file preset to be used with QMariaDB QPKGdefault setting , please adapt it at your own configuration

"host": "",
"user": "root",
"password": "qnap",
"database": "ccio",

create a "ccio" database with your phpmyadmin and import following table

dependencies unforced : QMariadb / ffmpeg (static) or QMultimedia

this can be found in /opt/Shinobi/sql or :

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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