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Minio Client

Minio Client Command line

mc command added autmaotically on NAS $PATH

do not forget to export your HOME in other user space directory before executing

mc - Minio Client for cloud storage and filesystems.


ls List files and folders.
mb Make a bucket or a folder.
cat Display file and object contents.
pipe Redirect STDIN to an object or file or STDOUT.
share Generate URL for sharing.
cp Copy files and objects.
mirror Mirror buckets and folders.
find Search for files and objects.
stat Stat contents of objects and folders.
diff List differences in object name, size, and date between folders.
rm Remove files and objects.
events Manage object notifications.
watch Watch for file and object events.
policy Manage anonymous access to objects.
admin Manage Minio servers
session Manage saved sessions for cp command.
config Manage mc configuration file.
update Check for a new software update.
version Print version info.

--config-folder value, -C value Path to configuration folder. (default: "/root/.mc")
--quiet, -q Disable progress bar display.
--no-color Disable color theme.
--json Enable JSON formatted output.
--debug Enable debug output.
--insecure Disable SSL certificate verification.
--help, -h Show help.

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