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This app downloads a song by getting the audio from Youtube sources using youtube-dl and then adds song information like artist name, album name, release date, thumbnail etc by fetching it from sources like Itunes, Gaana and other sources.


NO. YoutubeDL doesn't do that. All youtube-dl does is lets you download audio from a video that you specify. This app is not yet another youtube-dl clone.

usage: ytmdl [-h] [-q] [--song SONG-METADATA] [--choice CHOICE]
[--artist ARTIST] [--album ALBUM] [--disable-metaadd]
[--skip-meta] [-m] [--disable-sort] [--ask-meta-name]
[--on-meta-error ON_META_ERROR] [--proxy URL] [--url URL]
[--list PATH TO LIST] [--nolocal] [--format FORMAT] [--trim]
[--version] [--keep-chapter-name] [--pl-start NUMBER]
[--pl-end NUMBER] [--pl-items ITEM_SPEC] [--ignore-errors]
[--title-as-name] [--level LEVEL] [--disable-file] [--list-level]

positional arguments:
SONG_NAME Name of the song to download. Can be an URL to a
playlist as well. It will be automatically recognized.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-q, --quiet Don't ask the user to select songs if more than one
search result. The first result in each case will be
--proxy URL Use the specified HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy. To enable
SOCKS proxy, specify a proper scheme. For example
socks5:// Pass in an empty string
(--proxy "") for direct connection
--url URL Youtube song link.
--list PATH TO LIST Download list of songs. The list should have one song
name in every line.
--nolocal Don't search locally for the song before downloading.
--format FORMAT The format in which the song should be downloaded.
Default is mp3, but can be set in config. Available
options are ['mp3', 'm4a', 'opus']
--trim, -t Trim out the audio from the song. Use underlying
speech and music segmentation engine to determine and
keep only the music in the file. Useful in songs where
there are speeches, noise etc before/after the start
of the song. Default is false.
--version show the program version number and exit
--keep-chapter-name Keep the title extracted from the chapter in order to
search for the metadata. If not passed, the user will
be asked if they'd like to change the title with which
the metadata will be searched.

--song SONG-METADATA The song to search in Metadata. Particularly useful
for songs that have the names in a different language
in YouTube. For Example, greek songs.
--choice CHOICE The choice that the user wants to go for. Usefull to
pass along with --quiet. Choices start at 1
--artist ARTIST The name of the song's artist. Pass it with a song
--album ALBUM The name of the song's album. Pass it with a song
--disable-metaadd Disable addition of passed artist and album keyword to
the youtube search in order to get a more accurate
result. (Default: false)
--skip-meta Skip setting the metadata and just copy the converted
song to the destination directory. '--manual-meta'
will override this option, pass only one of them.
-m, --manual-meta Manually enter song details.
--disable-sort Disable sorting of the metadata before asking for
input. Useful if the song is in some other language
and/or just a few providers are used.
--ask-meta-name Ask the user to enter a seperate name for searching
the metadata (Default: false)
--on-meta-error ON_META_ERROR
What to do if adding the metadata fails for some
reasong like lack of metadata or perhaps a network
issue. Options are ['exit', 'skip', 'manual']

--pl-start NUMBER Playlist video to start at (default is 1)
--pl-end NUMBER Playlist video to end at (default is last)
--pl-items ITEM_SPEC Playlist video items to download. Specify indices of
the videos present in the playlist seperated by commas
like: '--playlist-items 1, 2, 4, 6' if you want to
download videos indexed 1, 2, 4 and 6. Range can also
be passed like: '--playlist-items 1-3, 5-7' to
download the videos indexed at 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7.
--ignore-errors Ignore if downloading any video fails in a playlist.
If passed, the execution will move to the next video
in the passed playlist.
--title-as-name Use the title of the video as the name of the song to
search for metadata. If not passed, user will be asked
if they want to use a different name and continue

--level LEVEL The level of the logger that will be used while
verbosing. Use `--list-level` to check available
--disable-file Disable logging to files
--list-level List all the available logger levels.

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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