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Parsec Cloud (Apache81)

Collaborate simply by confidentiality and integrity with your teams

parsec command line added to NAS $PATH


Parsec is divided between a client (responsible for exposing data to the user and providing an encryption layer) and a server (storing the encrypted data and notifying clients about other users activity such as data modification or new sharing).


The Parsec server only requires a PostgreSQL DB for metadata (that is encrypted using devices keys for the most part) and an Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swift object storage for data blobs (that are all encrypted using Workspaces keys, that never left users’ devices). Redundancy using multiple cloud providers is possible.

Parsec security model
PARSEC secures sensitive data before they are stored on public clouds, proceeding in 3 steps :

Splitting of files in blocks before encryption;
Encryption of each block with a different symmetric key (BLOCK_ENC_KEY);
Encryption of the metadata (tree structure, composition of files, multiple BLOCK_ENC_KEY, sharing information) with the private key of the user (USER_ENC_S_KEY).

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