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Plexdrive mounts your Google Drive FUSE filesystem (optimized for media playback)

Command line tool

Plexdrive allows you to mount your Google Drive account as read-only fuse filesystem, with direct delete option on the filesystem.

The project is comparable to projects like rclone, google-drive-ocamlfuse or node-gdrive-fuse, but optimized for media streaming e.g. with plex ;)

Please note that plexdrive doesn't currently support writes (adding new files or modifications), it only supports reading existing files and deletion.

I tried using rclone for a long time, but got API Quota errors every day and/or multiple times per day, so I decided to try node-gdrive-fuse. The problem here was that it missed some of my media files, so as a result I started implementing my own file system library.

Create your own client id and client secret (see

Sample command line for plexdrive

./plexdrive mount -c /root/.plexdrive -o allow_other /mnt/plexdrive

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