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Meshbird is open-source cloud-native multi-region multi-cloud decentralized private networking.

Distributed private networking

Meshbird create distributed private networking between servers, containers, virtual machines and any computers in different datacenters, different countries, different cloud providers. All traffic transmit directly to recepient peer without passing any gateways. Meshbird do not require any centralized servers. Meshbird is absolutly decentralized distributed private networking.

For example, user can create private network between DigitalOcean’s droplets in each datacenter and link it together by executing one command. All traffic will be encrypted with strong AES-256.

meshbird command line added to NAS $PATH

Generate new network secret key

$ meshbird new

Join to the private network

$ MESHBIRD_KEY="" meshbird join

usage :

meshbird [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command

--key value (default: "hello-world") [$MESHBIRD_KEY]
--seed_addrs value (default: "dc1/,dc2/") [$MESHBIRD_SEED_ADDRS]
--local_addr value (default: "") [$MESHBIRD_LOCAL_ADDR]
--local_private_addr value (default: "") [$MESHBIRD_LOCAL_PRIVATE_ADDR]
--dc value (default: "dc1") [$MESHBIRD_DC]
--transport_threads value (default: 1) [$MESHBIRD_TRANSPORT_THREADS]
--ip value (default: "") [$MESHBIRD_IP]
--mtu value (default: 9000) [$MESHBIRD_MTU]
--verbose value (default: 0) [$MESHBIRD_VERBOSE]
--help, -h show help
--version, -v print the version

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