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Mystic BBS

Bulletin Board System

Mystic BBS was conceived around the year 1995, and first released to the public in 1997 after the author became frustrated with the lack of customization available with Renegade, and the lack of stability in many more flexible software packages.
In the following years after the first MS-DOS release in 1997, Mystic became one of the most widely used BBS packages. Popular amongst many SysOps who took ease of customization and the user experience seriously, it is arguable that Mystic was (or even still is) the most popular BBS software for those who share a common interest in ANSI art and BBS modding.

With the fall of MS-DOS and the decline of BBSes in general, Mystic released an OS/2 and Windows 32 native version in 1998. Mystic was the first of the non-commerical MS-DOS based BBS softwares to make the transition and integrate directly with the Telnet protocol. Mystic also went on to become the first of the MS-DOS based softwares to release a native Linux version in 1999, and the first to introduce a standardized platform for DOOR games across all 4 operating systems.

In recent years, Mystic has removed its DOS version and its limitations, and has moved on to better integrate with Internet protocols. Mystic now has internal Telnet, NNTP, POP3, SMTP, FTP and BINKP servers while continuing to focus on and enhance the SysOp and user experience.

manage your BBS in SSH

entering in /mystic

cd /mystic

./mystic -cfg (edit your config)
./mystic (to have a local view)

QKPG launch autoatically Mystic BBS as Daemon ( ./mis DAEMON )
process stopped when QPKG turned off (not deleting the symlink /mystic by choice, to allow people to managed BBS when process DAEMON is not running)

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