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SickGear is Sick-Beard evolved. Automate your TV enjoyment with innovation, proven stability and reliability.

**SickGear**, a usenet and bittorrent PVR
_Please note you should know how to use git and setup basic requirements in order to run this software._
SickGear provides management of TV shows and/or Anime, it can detect new episodes, link to downloader apps, and more. SickGear is a proud descendant of Sick Beard and is humbled to have been endorsed by one of its former lead developers.

Why SickGear?

SickGear maintains perfect uptime with the longest track record of being stable, reliable and trusted to work
SickGear delivers quality from active development with a wealth of options on a dark or light themed interface
Migrating to a hassle free and feature rich set up is super simple
Features include

Stable, quality assured testing and development cycle
Innovations that inspire imitators
Compatible with any platform via a familiar web interface
Most comprehensive selection of usenet and torrent sources
Episode management
View missed and upcoming shows at a glance with "day by day" and other layouts
Group shows into personalised sections in a full show list view
Automatic and manual search for availability of wanted episodes
Set what episodes you want and how to receive them
Uses well known established index sites to gather show information
Searches for known alternatively named shows with a fallback to user edited names
Searches for known alternatively numbered episodes with a fallback to user edited numbers
Searches for known alternatively numbered seasons with a fallback to user edited numbers
Forward search results to a downloader (e.g. NZBGet, SABNZBd, uTorrent, and others)
Save search results to a "blackhole" folder that can be periodically scanned for taking action
Post-process downloaded episodes into customisable layouts, with or without extra metadata
Advanced Failed Download Handling (FDH)
Overview of seasons, episodes, rating, version, airdate, episode status (their meaning)
Processing nzb/torrents with your downloader application at your chosen qualities
Subtitle management
Home Theater/NAS (Emby, Kodi, Plex, Syno, Tivo, and more)
Social notifiers (Trakt, Slack, Gitter, Discord, E-mail, and more)
Device notifiers (Boxcar2, Notify My Android, Growl, Prowl, and more)
Server friendly with minimal number of calls (e.g. one request per chosen snatch, not per result)
Can recommend trendy and/or personally tailored shows from Trakt, IMDb, AniDB
Automated alternative show names and episode numbering from XEM
Some of our innovative features;

Automated search after adding a show
Desktop notifications
Enhanced Anime features when adding shows
Visual percentage progress of managed episodes
Separate Plex server and Plex client settings
Intelligent library updates that target Plex servers that list the show of an episode
Configurable episode status for removed media files
Configurable default home page
Source providers
User Interface

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