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WebProc (CLI)

Wrap any program in a simple web-based user-interface -

add webproc command line to NAS $PATH

webproc --help

Usage: webproc [options] [arg] ...

args can be either a command with arguments or a webproc file

--host, -h listening interface (default
--port, -p listening port (default 8080, env PORT)
--user, -u basic auth username (env HTTP_USER)
--pass basic auth password (env HTTP_PASS)
--allow-ip, -a allow ip or cidr block (allows multiple)
--allow-country, -y allow ip range by 2-letter ISO country code (allows multiple)
--trust-proxy, -t trust proxy HTTP headers to provide remote ip address
--log, -l log mode (must be 'webui' or 'proxy' or 'both' defaults to 'both')
--on-exit, -o process exit action (default ignore)
--on-save, -s process save action (default restart)
--configuration-file, -c writable configuration file (allows multiple)
--restart-timeout, -r restart timeout controls when to perform a force kill (default 30s)
--max-lines, -m maximum number of log lines to show in webui (default 5000)
--version, -v display version
--help display help

please refer on github page for documentation and usage

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