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Create and connect personalized digital experiences across web, mobile and connected devices.

Benefits for Digital Leaders
Single, consolidated platform
One product, with simple pricing, that works with your existing investments.

Securely handle private data
Be sensitive with customer information.

Easy-to-use interfaces
Simple for non-technical users, consistent across channels.

Built for business priorities
Supports customer campaigns, retention & loyalty, and digital transformation.

Designed to work together
The whole platform is built by Liferay’s engineering team, not acquired from others.

Microservices architecture
Liferay gives you modularity benefits without DevOps complexity.

Easy to integrate and customize
Connect your existing systems and create new services quickly.

Technologies your developers like
Secure Java platform connects with popular front-end frameworks.

Release date 30-11--1
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To be used with QTS 4.2.1


  • QJDK8

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