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Ulogger Server (Apache73)

This is a web application for real-time collection of geolocation data, tracks viewing and management. Together with a dedicated μlogger mobile client it may be used as a complete self hosted server–client solution for logging and monitoring users' geolocation.

allows live tracking
track statistics
altitudes graph
multiple users
user authentication
Google Maps
OpenLayers (OpenStreet and other layers)
user preferences stored in cookies
simple admin menu
export tracks to gpx and kml
import tracks from gpx

Install :

Create a DB and edit first /opt/ULogger73/config.php
Edit scripts/setup.php script, enable it by setting $enabled value to true
Make sure you have a web server running with PHP and chosen database
Open http://YOUR_HOST:21580/scripts/setup.php page in your browser
Follow instructions in setup script. It will add database tables and set up your μlogger user
Remember to remove or disable scripts/setup.php script
Log in with your new user on http://YOUR_HOST:21580
You may also want to set your new user as an admin in config file.

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