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TVHeadend is a light but powerful software that can record DVB streams from a tuner and save them as MKV files.
You can set up scheduled recordings of your favourite programs or stream a channel directly to the network.

- The installation REQUIRES a supported USB tuner connected to the NAS (USB 2.0 ports are preferable, if available) OR a "TVH_Dev_" package already installed.
- If you do not have any of them and would like to run TVHeadend for IPTV or SAT-IP only, then create a file "/share/Public/tvh_config_notuner" BEFORE INSTALLING this application. It will be removed automatically.
- TVHeadend QPKG supports only 1 tuner even though TVHeadend itself supports more than one.
- More info is available on the "Tutorial Link" on this page.

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