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OSCam means Open Source Conditional Access Modul and is a non-profit community work of many developers. The development is public. The progress can be tracked by Oscam-Timeline using changesets and tickets. The development steps are "svn's" (subversion). They are available for compilation (Look at Platforms).

"work in progress" due, however, that can be included in the documentation are only snapshots of the development. Help of user demand!

At the beginning of the development OScam was a pure card-server. Later, the area added client. This is to ensure that everything comes "from one source".

Like its predecessor MPCS OSCam is mainly a protocol- and cross-platform card server.

The area client is controlled by the parameters dvbapi. Server and client will later be incorporated into one protocol, without having to resort to other protocols with closed source. Such protocols are still involved, without responsibility for what in these black boxes with the data and commands happened!

Credential : admin /admin

known issue : this qpkg may affect the time on QTS, it seems syncing itself with a ntp, avoiding QTS to set a fake time (or modify it)

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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