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Stream custom live channels using your own media -

ErsatzTV is beta software for configuring and streaming custom live channels using your media library. The software may be unstable and is under active development.

Documentation is available at

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Current Features

Use local media files and optional sidecar NFO metadata; no need for a full media server
IPTV server and HDHomeRun emulation support a wide range of client applications
Channel-specific streaming mode (MPEG-TS or HLS) and transcoding settings
Collection-based scheduling, with collections containing television shows, seasons, episodes and movies
Powerful scheduling options such as chronological collection playback throughout the day or over multiple days
Hardware-accelerated transcoding options (QSV, NVENC, VAAPI)
Plex media and metadata
Jellyfin media and metadata
Emby media and metadata
Song and music video libraries
Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll filler options
Subtitle burn-in

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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