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Bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram, rocketchat, twitch, ssh-chat, zulip, whatsapp, keybase, matrix, microsoft teams, nextcloud, mumble, vk and more with REST API (mattermost not required!)


simple chat bridge
Letting people be where they want to be.
Bridges between a growing number of protocols. Click below to demo or join the development chat.

Discord | Gitter | IRC | Keybase | Matrix | Mattermost | MSTeams | Rocket.Chat | Slack | Telegram | Twitch | WhatsApp | XMPP | Zulip | And more...

edit your configuration file before start /opt/Matterbridge/matterbridge.toml
read documentation on the github :

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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