Version 2.2.1
16-06-2019 v. 2.2.1

Version 2.1.2
08-11-2018 v. 2.1.2

Version 2.1.1
30-07-2018 v. 2.1.1
Fixed a bug causing certain new snapshots to be not counted when deciding which fossils can be deleted (72dfaa8)
Added a benchmark command to test disk and transfer performance (#449)
Support multi-threaded pruning (#441)
Fixed restoration of basic UNIX file permissions (#417)
Added macOS APFS snapshot support (#415)
Fixed a crashing bug when showing the history of excluded files (0e585e4)
Add unreferenced fossils to the fossil collection instead of deleting them immediately (e03cd2a)
Added an -enum-only option to the backup command to enumerate the repository only (aadd2aa)
Added a -repository option to the init and add command to specify an alternate repository path (72239a3)
Implemented the WebDAV backend (#394)
Added a -nobackup-file option to the set command to skip directories containing the specified file (#392)
Add an environment variable DUPLICACY_DECRYPT_WITH_HMACSHA256 to force compatibility with Vertical Backup (b1c1b47)
Skipped chunks should not be counted when calculating downloading percentage during restore (23a2d91)
Added a global option -commend to allow Duplicacy processed to be identified by arguments (#391)
Follow symlinks that point to UNC paths on Windows (b99f4bf)
Added a -vss-timeout option to set VSS creation timeout (be2856e)
Reduced memory consumption for prune operation (#329)
Added a new Wasabi storage backend largely based on S3 but optimized to reduce storage cost for deleted objects (#322)

Version 2.1.0
11-04-2018 v. 2.1.0