Version 0.9.6-0124
24-01-2019 v. 0.9.6-0124
- New: Network Boost Performance tweak (Settings > TCP/IP tunning - Boost Network Performance Throughput > [on/off] Apply Network Boost Linux Kernel tweaks)
- Fixed annoying notification about Rdownload share
- Increased overall simultaneous connections to peers to achive higher download/upload speeds fit to the common ISP links
- Code rewrite
- Security Improvements

Version 0.9.6-0117
18-01-2019 v. 0.9.6-0117
- Added ARM-based devices support. Compatible with TS-x28/x31P/x41 series.

Version 0.9.6-0103
03-01-2019 v. 0.9.6-0103
- Fixed issue with FileBot scanning files/directories containing [space] characters in name ... :(
- Fixed issue with End-of-Life GeoIP module after 2 Jan 2019 
(display country name and flag in peers tab, not necessary to work with rtorrent)

Note: GeoIP is now GeoIP2 and commercial... thats the next reason why rtorrent-Pro is paid... but we figured out an alternative so please expect new rtorrent-Pro update within few days. Thank you!

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