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Enjoy Plex with your friends. In Sync. Together.

SyncLounge (Previously PlexTogether) is a tool to sync Plex content across multiple players in multiple locations.

While we run a live version available at, the project can be built and deployed completely seperate from We also provide a handful of public SyncLounge Server instances that everyone is free to use

How it works
SyncLounge aims to keep multiple viewing sessions in sync regardless of whether the clients are in the same room or across the globe. To do this SyncLounge utilizes a middle-man server to communicate between each of the SyncLounge clients. Users choose their Plex client, decide on a SyncLounge Server and Room name and join up. Your friends/family can do the same. Whoever joins the room first will become the host.

The host has complete control over a room. Commands they send to their client will be sent through to other people in the room (Play, Pause, Seek etc). If the host starts playing something different, SyncLounge will search all of your available Plex Media Servers for an equiavalent copy, even if it is not from the same Plex Media Server as the Host.


Syncing between Plex Clients over the Internet
SyncLounge Player
Plays content directly within SyncLounge.
Built specifically for syncing.
Settings to tune SyncLounge to your environment
Client Polling Interval - Sets how frequently SyncLounge will poll the client for new information.
Sync Flexability - Sets the acceptable distance away from the host in milliseconds.
Sync method:
Clean seek - Seeks straight to where the host is.
Skip ahead - Seeks 10 seconds ahead, pauses and then resumes 10 seconds later.
Plex Media Server blocking - allows you to restrict the servers SyncLounge searches for content.
Autoplay content
SyncLounge will automatically search all of your available Plex Media Servers for content that is similar to the Host.
Plex Media Server Browsing - find, search and fling content to Plex Clients from within SyncLounge.
Metadata fetching from Plex Media Server
Chat to others in your room
Password locked rooms
Invite others via generated short link
Movies and TV Shows (Music not supported)


use port 8388 (web) and 8389 (services)

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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