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Gimme-iPhotos CLI

Download media files from iCloud.

This tool uses pyicloud to synchronize photos and videos from iCloud to your local machine.


Downloads media files from iCloud in parallel (might be beneficial on small files and wide bandwidth)
Keeps local collection in sync with iCloud by:
skipping files which exist locally
removing local files which were removed from the cloud
Reads configuration from ini-file
Stores password in keychain (provided by pyicloud)
Supports two-factor authentication
Shows nice progress bars (thanks to tqdm)

$ gimme-iphotos --help
usage: gimme-iphotos [-h] [-c CONFIG] [-v] [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSWORD] [-d DESTINATION] [-o] [-r] [-n PARALLEL]

Downloads media files from iCloud

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
Configuration file. It's ini-like file (see configparser module docs), must contain [main] section. Keys are fully-named arguments, except help, config and verbose.
Values specified using command line arguments take precedence over values from a provided config file.
-v, --verbose
-u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
iCloud username (email). Can be specified interactively if not set.
-p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
iCloud password. Can be specified interactively if not set.
Destination directory. Can be specified interactively if not set.
-o, --overwrite Overwrite existing files. Default: false.
-r, --remove Remove missing files. Default: false.
-n PARALLEL, --num-parallel-downloads PARALLEL
Max number of concurrent downloads. Increase this number if bandwidth is not fully utilized. Default: 3

Using config file:

$ cat john.cfg
username =
password = not-secure123
destination = /home/john/Photos
remove = True

$ gimme-iphotos -c john.cfg
Overriding config file:

$ gimme-iphotos -c john.cfg --destination /tmp/icloud
Without config file:

$ # Password will be requested interactively
$ gimme-iphotos -u --destination /tmp/icloud
Enter iCloud password for

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