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Jazigo is a tool for retrieving configuration for multiple devices, similar to rancid, fetchconfig, oxidized, Sweet

Supported Platforms

Cisco IOS
Cisco IOS XR
Cisco NGA
Datacom DmSwitch
Fortigate FortiOS
HTTP (collect output of http GET method)
Huawei VRP
Juniper JunOS
Linux (collect output of SSH commands)
Run (run external program and collect its output)


Straightforward usage: run the binary then point browser to web UI. Default settings should work out-of-the-box.
Tool configuration is automatically saved as YAML. However one is NOT supposed to edit configuration file directly.
Spawns multiple concurrent lightweight goroutines to quickly handle large number of devices.
Very easy to add support for new platforms. See the Cisco IOS model as example.
Backup files can be accessed from web UI.
See file differences directly from the web UI.
Support for SSH and TELNET.
Can directly store backup files into AWS S3 bucket.
Can call an external program and collect its output.

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