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A modern Cron replacement

"Crontab" is in YAML format;
Builtin sending of Sentry and Mail outputs when cron jobs fail;
Flexible configuration: you decide how to determine if a cron job fails or not;
Designed for running in Docker, Kubernetes, or 12 factor environments:
Runs in the foreground;
Logs everything to stdout/stderr [1];
Option to automatically retry failing cron jobs, with exponential backoff;
Optional HTTP REST API, to fetch status and start jobs on demand.
[1] Whereas vixie cron only logs to syslog, requiring a syslog daemon to be running in the background or else you don't get logs!

--- QPKG Integration ---

my-crontab.yaml to fillup can be found in /opt/Yacron
it start by default a custom job every 5 min (please have a look to the github to cusomize your own schedule)
Web interface listen on port 8229
Web interface display basic status for job by default, but you can modify url to choose any action (refer to the github page)

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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