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SheepIT Cli

A free distributed renderfarm for Blender (CLI)

Instantly become a worker to help other users render.
550 machines are connected on average.

Free registration.
Free project adding.
Free rendering.

Manage your project easily on a web based admin panel.
Real time updates on your projects.
No need to have Blender to help render.

GPU supported
CPU and GPU are supported.

command line added to $PATH

[/] # sheepit -ui
Option "-ui" takes an operand
--no-systray : Don't use systray
--show-gpu : Print available CUDA devices and exit
--verbose : Display log
--version : Display application version
-cache-dir /tmp/cache : Cache/Working directory. Caution,
everything in it not related to the
render-farm will be removed
-compute-method CPU : CPU: only use cpu, GPU: only use gpu,
CPU_GPU: can use cpu and gpu (not at
the same time) if -gpu is not use it
will not use the gpu
-config VAL : Specify the configuration file
-cores 3 : Number of cores/threads to use for
the render
-extras VAL : Extras data push on the authentication
-gpu CUDA_0 : CUDA name of the GPU used for the
render, for example CUDA_0
-login LOGIN : User's login
-memory N : Maximum memory allow to be used by
renderer (in MB)
-password PASSWORD : User's password
-priority N : Set render process priority (19
lowest to -19 highest)
-proxy http://login:password@host:port : URL of the proxy
-rendertime N : Maximum time allow for each frame (in
-request-time 2:00-8:30,17:00-23:00 : H1:M1-H2:M2,H3:M3-H4:M4 Use the 24h
format. For example to request job
between 2am-8.30am and 5pm-11pm you
should do --request-time 2:00-8:30,17:
00-23:00 Caution, it's the requesting
job time to get a project not the
working time
-server URL : Render-farm server, default https://cl
-ui VAL : Specify the user interface to use,
default 'swing', available 'oneLine',
'text', 'swing' (graphical)

Example: java com.sheepit.client.standalone.Worker

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