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AutoSub for Qnap nas-systems.

QAutoSub is a auto down-loader of English and or Dutch subtitles from several sites.

I only provided a installations packets for the project from BenjV.
It needs Qpyhton2 to be installed, should work on all Qnap types.
The program it self is written in python, and can be upgraded through webgui.

You need a TVDB account.
It can download English or and Dutch subtitles, from several websites like Addic7ed, Opensubtitles, Podnapisi and Subscene. ( Some will need a account ! )

Just install and go to the settings pages, and follow the instructions. And site back, and let it do its thing.

For those who send me a donations, thank you, give’s me a feeling that the hard work is appreciated.

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