• Last release: 1.07.2
  • 2 days ago

[ QLogitechMediaServer ]

LogitechMediaServer the audio streaming software, for Qnap nas systems, with QTS 4.2 or higher and x86/i386/i686/X86_64 architecture !

It will install the latest LogitechMediaServer source on the Qnap, as can be found on the Nightly build website. Out of the box has support for, Spotty, YouTube and Radio paradise. Also on every startup of the services while check on updates, and if available will be upgraded ( Officiel and Nightly ), ( Can be adjusted in the .QLMS.config file )
It's a standalone version, which does not need extra software like a Optware/Entware. ( But by installing it you can add extra functions ( Lame/wma support ), or better audio support ) Included in the installation is, Perl 5.24.0 64bit/32bit, Mozilla-CA-20160104, Net-SSLeay-1.82 ( build with openssl-1.0.2m ), IO-Socket-SSL-2.052 and JSON-2.90. Also there is a fix included for the sox ELF64 version, regarding the libgomp error so sox works on x86_64 with audio like ogg/vorbis, hd-flac, wave and 24bits flac.

Questions or trouble regarding LogitechMediaServer itself , go to the SlimDevices forum website.

The only thing it supplies is a installation of LogitechMediaServer and a init-script so it will startup correctly. Startup commands for LogitechMediaServer, can be change if you’re a advanced user. The config file can be found in the .qpkg/LogitechMediaServer directory ( .QLMS.config and read the PLEASE-README-FIRST.txt for more information). Completely depends on software included by the QNap QTS software, to try and keep it working even after a update/upgraded of the QTS supplied by QNap. After installation can take a few minute, before you can access the webgui [port 9001], depending on how many plugins there are installed !

Before installing login to you're QNap by ssh shell and do uname -m, it should then say x86_64/x86/i386/i686.
Also check if /lib/ and/or /lib/ exist on you’re QNap system.

SSOTS/SSODS, QPerl, Perl or any other LMS, perl software should not be installed. So if they are, please un install them before installation. You could first backup the Cache/prefs directory’s, to another save location, to copy it back in the SlimServer/ after QLogitechMediaServer is installed and running. Please first do ./ stop from the LogitechMediaServer directory, copy the backup-ed directory’s in SlimServer/ directory, and now do ./ start to get LMS running again with you’re old configuration.

Requires QTS 4.2.0 or later