• Last release: 18.1.39
  • 3 weeks ago

A painless self-hosted accounting software ( Trial )

Download, install and use. All on your own server. No monthly fees, ever. You own it.

Datas are stored in a share called ManagerData created on first install

Full control & security

Install on your server so all accounting data is stored on machine that you manage. Deploy securely inside your office on local network behind firewall or on the Internet for access from anywhere.

No monthly fees

Server license is a one-time purchase and entitle you to perpetual use. The first 12 months of maintenance - product updates and support - are included free.

Multi-user access

Share access with your team - so everyone has access to the same numbers at the same time whenever they need it. Accountants and bookkeepers can service you remotely when you allow access to your accounting data.

Access control & user permissions

Set up your users and give them access only to businesses and features they require for their role. Sales team can prepare quotes or issue invoices without having access to any other part of the system. Business associates can be given read-only access to financial statements without being exposed to rest of the system.

  • Qmono

Requires QTS 4.2.6 or later
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