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Entware-3x is an Optware replacement for arm, mips, mipsel & x64 NASes and routers. It is strongly recommended to use Entware-3x instead of Entware-ng on all QNAP NASes, but x86 ones (with 32 bit intel CPUs). Entware is used to install additional packages (ipk-packages). There are now 2100+ ipk packages available. Python 2.7, Python3, perl, php7, syncthing, seafile, urbackup, giv, subversion, cvs, nginx, openvpn, l2tp server, gcc, make, cmake and many more can be installed as ipk packages with opkg command. There are two different Entware-3x QPKG's. This one and alternative one. Alternative installation separates qnap and entware users. This gives more flexibility for ipk packages settings. More info is available on the forum. The link for alternative QPKG can be found on the forum. Please note that Entware may be incompatible with other QPKGs, that use /opt folder. Try to move Entware before other packages with SortMyQPKGs QPKG in this case.
Version 1.00 added support for TS-x28A NASes (aarch64).

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