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Enjoy sharing more than ever: Choose your server freely, work together on documents and keep track of any changes


config file / logs set into /opt/TeamDrive
Repo set in /share/teamdrive (share created on first setup)

client downloadable :

Don’t want to store your data in the cloud?

With the TeamDrive Personal Server small to medium-sized businesses or organizations, departments in larger companies, colleges and universities, schools and individuals receive a simple and secure solution to host their data on their our own servers. TeamDrive clients function perfectly with combined hosting solutions (hybrid), which allows you to use your own server and/or the TeamDrive cloud to securely host and access your data. Each Space (TeamDrive folders in the file system) can be hosted either using our cloud or on your own servers.

The TeamDrive Personal Server stores and synchronizes the encrypted data it receives from TeamDrive clients. ONLY encrypted data reside on the TeamDrive Personal Server! It is not possible to access the data, in their unencrypted form, directly via the TeamDrive Personal Server. Depending on the application and the available bandwidth, up to 150 users can be connected to a server. Connection via LDAP/AD is also available.

The Personal Server software is available for the following operating systems and can be installed in minutes: Windows XP, 7,8, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Mac 10.5.8 > 10.10, Mac 10.5.8 Server > 9.10 and Linux (Intel/ARM). The TeamDrive Personal Server is available for free. The free version has a storage limit of 10 GB.

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