This is share svg Share this item (Apache81) - The best and simplest self-hosted free open source website change detection tracking, monitoring and notification service. An alternative to Visualping, Watchtower etc. Designed for simplicity - the main goal is to simply monitor which websites had a text change for free. Free Open source web page change detection

Web Site Change Detection, Monitoring and Notification.

Live your data-life pro-actively, track changes and receive notifications via Discord, Email, Slack, Telegram and 70+ more


Know when important content changes, we support notifications via Discord, Telegram, Home-Assistant, Slack, Email and 70+ more

Don't have time? Let us host it for you! try our $6.99/month subscription - use our proxies and support! , half the price of other website change monitoring services and comes with unlimited watches & checks!

Automatic Updates, Automatic Backups, No Heroku "paused application", don't miss a change!
Javascript browser included
Unlimited checks and watches!
Example use cases
Products and services have a change in pricing
Out of stock notification and Back In stock notification
Governmental department updates (changes are often only on their websites)
New software releases, security advisories when you're not on their mailing list.
Festivals with changes
Realestate listing changes
Know when your favourite whiskey is on sale, or other special deals are announced before anyone else
COVID related news from government websites
University/organisation news from their website
Detect and monitor changes in JSON API responses
JSON API monitoring and alerting
Changes in legal and other documents
Trigger API calls via notifications when text appears on a website
Glue together APIs using the JSON filter and JSON notifications
Create RSS feeds based on changes in web content
Monitor HTML source code for unexpected changes, strengthen your PCI compliance
You have a very sensitive list of URLs to watch and you do not want to use the paid alternatives. (Remember, you are the product)
Need an actual Chrome runner with Javascript support? We support fetching via WebDriver and Playwright!

Key Features
Lots of trigger filters, such as "Trigger on text", "Remove text by selector", "Ignore text", "Extract text", also using regular-expressions!
Target elements with xPath and CSS Selectors, Easily monitor complex JSON with JsonPath rules
Switch between fast non-JS and Chrome JS based "fetchers"
Easily specify how often a site should be checked
Execute JS before extracting text (Good for logging in, see examples in the UI!)
Override Request Headers, Specify POST or GET and other methods
Use the "Visual Selector" to help target specific elements

Examine differences in content.
Easily see what changed, examine by word, line, or individual character.


Filter by elements using the Visual Selector tool.
Available when connected to a playwright content fetcher (included as part of our subscription service)

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