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GoFoil (CLI)

Gofoil is a little tool inspired by tinfoil's python, written in go. Using a little bit of bycEEE/tinfoilusbgo.

I wanted to load switch saves from my NAS onto my switch without powering up my computer. No client provided samba or NFS, so this was designed as an always on server to run on my NAS, that can handshake with Tinfoil-like net install and serve files directly from there.

This was tested only with Awoo Installer on Atmosphere. May also work on tinfoil but not tested.

To run gofoil, you need to provide it a few arguments, like the host IP, port, and folder to scan for switch files.
Example, on a windows machine (and shared network):

gofoil -root /volume1/ -folders Games -ip -port 8000

usage :


-folders string
CSV of folders to scan (default "Downloads,Games/switch")
-ip string
Host IP to display to switch (default "")
-port string
Host Port to display to switch (default "8000")
-root string
Path to start scanning from (default "Z:\\")

On Qnap it start automatically goild on port 8008 and scan /share as root

It will start a server at the ip:port indicated. You can open this page (on your phone for example) to show a page where you can input your switch's IP.
With Awoo or Tinfoil opened on your switch, and the network install selected, you should now see a list of files from the directory, available to install.

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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