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Pomerium is an identity-aware proxy that enables secure access to internal applications. Pomerium provides a standardized interface to add access control to applications regardless of whether the application itself has authorization or authentication baked-in. Pomerium gateways both internal and external requests, and can be used in situations where you'd typically reach for a VPN.

Pomerium can be used to:

provide a single-sign-on gateway to internal applications.
enforce dynamic access policy based on context, identity, and device state.
aggregate access logs and telemetry data.
perform delegated user authorization for service-based authorization systems:
Google Cloud
provide unified identity attestation for upstream services:
Custom applications
provide a VPN alternative

----QPKG Integration------

before use be sure to fillup correctly /opt/Pomerium/config.yaml and restart QPKG

read documentation :

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