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A super-sexy voice interface for the Plex HTPC

What is Phlex? Phlex stands for Personal Home Language EXtension. I mean, I guess. I literally just made that up. Also, it sounds cool.

If you're confused because you've heard the project called "Flex TV" - Flex TV is the action name for Alexa and Google - Phlex is the name of the app before I realized Google wouldn't let me just call it Phlex. :P

Aside from being a made-up name that sounds cool, The purpose of Phlex is to provide a natural language interface for Home Theater applications - effectively bridging the current gap between commercial AI Solutions like Google Home/Alexa and personal web applications like Plex, Couchpotato, and Sonarr.

Or, in short - you can watch and download movies and shows just by telling your phone to do so.

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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