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Command line to download Link from UpToBox provider

An Uptobox batch downloader. Uptobox allows, for free members, 30 min to wait before each download.

With uptobox-dl, you're able to download multiple uptobox/uptostream links without any other action other than grabbing the links and running uptobox-dl.

Note: Uptobox is a file hosting provider.

$ ./uptobox-dl -t
Start processing
Got waiting token, awaiting for 00:08:46 - until 3:17:23 PM
Got waiting token, awaiting for 00:00:31 - until 3:17:54 PM
396752005B/396752005B: 100%

Start processing
Got waiting token, awaiting for 00:25:42 - until 3:47:55 PM

your file will be automatically downloaded inside your Download share in uptobox sub-dir (/share/Download/Uptobox)

Why do I need a user token?

It allows you to speed up the time waiting for downloads (30min between each download instead of >1h). It's free, you just need to create an Uptobox account.

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

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